Find the answers to all your questions here.

As well as amazing ongoing support, Pillow will give you all the training, systems, procedures and knowledge you need to get started.

We expect you to be full of questions intially - we've tried to cover our most common queries below, but should you be struggling to find the answer you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us.

Can I really Work from Home?

Yes, it has been designed to work perfectly from your home.  All of our Franchisees work from home, while receiving full support from Pillow HQ.

Do I need to have experiance in the industry?

We do prefer some experience in Property, Tourism, Hospitality or Sales, but at Pillow we focus more on ATTITUDE.  If you are the right person with the right attitude, you will be massively successful as part of the Pillow family.   Full training is done on our Online Training Academy, weekly training calls and monthly webinars.  

Are there any ongoing monthly costs and fees?

Nope! In fact, Pillow pays for the ongoing subscriptions and software to keep your costs down and your income high.  We front the bills for all the expenses stuff so you don't have to.  All you need is a: mobile phone, laptop and a car. 

What training and support is included?

All training can be done online via our Academy, but we hold monthly HQ training, weekly calls, and regular webinars (The feedback is that there is so much, it's hard to take advantage of 50% of the support available!).  You get allocated your Senior Mentor, a “Buddy” near you, and we all support each other via our dedicated Pillow app, where we all chat, share ideas and help each other. 

Quick Fire Questions with our National Property Manager

In the series of videos below, the CEO of Pillow Partners, Scott Weir interviews Pillows longest-serving Franchisee and also our National Property Manager Emma Wolfe.

Emma walks us through her experience from her first day with Pillow to now that she has over 50 properties.